The Year that is Gone By…

Another year passes by, at top speed, down the freeway, overlooking the setting sun, the rising moon, the stars that form shapes to tell stories of the lost ones.

Another year passes by, no remnants of joy or anguish, feelings have to wait, days take your time up and leave you with no time, no solace, nor hope nor happiness.

Another year, another day, another moment of your life, spent in just analyzing for others, accounting for others’ profits, calculating the benefits that millions are going to reap.

Another year, full of adventure that was never experienced, a cup of coffee whose aroma was never smelled, a cozy room used but for only a meeting, the rain outside but just an alibi to not smoke. a year that brought no hope nor love, just accountable for money – that it got you lots of; a year spent in neck breaking speed putting things in order, for others to enjoy. And i call it living life my way – enjoying every second of it, achieving success, reaping dividends, earning money.

It is living life my way, i chose it, i enjoy it, i get inspiration out of it for in every moment i am challenged, i fear loss, and I can see shadows of failure that I must conquer. Who am i fooling? Do I love the life that i’d hate to live? Or is it that i am living a life i don’t love at all?

Confusion, the mind doesn’t work. it has been a busy year with busier moments that does not permit the wandering mind to rest and think. Consumed by countless conferences and cups of coffee and cigarettes, the mind turns into no more than just a brain. A brain that does the science of thinking, not the art of it! A brain that doesn’t find beauty in numbers and counts because it has to! The brain becomes its own slave, and the tyranny of the trained brain ties the meek mind in shackles of mediocrity.

The weapon loses its sharpness, the metal decays in crude negligence, and the brain starts becoming more mind-less. It is in one of these sad moments when the mind becomes a rebel. a rebel – a mind who says no. a mind plagiarized by the inefficient yet triumphant brain that currently controls the keyboard being used to type this very essay. a paradox? a rebellion? Or just another passing moment to be washed away with another steaming cup of coffee? Another elusive answer being seeked, another reason to believe in miracles, this was just another year that passed me by.


One thought on “The Year that is Gone By…

  1. Expressed in an inexplicable way… awesome… I would like to mention a special line which i loved.. “Do I love the life that i’d hate to live?”..

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