I’m tired…tired of waking up every morning to a new fight… tired of still pulling on with a seemingly sheepish face…tired of being crack head…tired of being lazy and yet not sleeping…tired of paying taxes…tired of watching half my salary vanish the day i get it… tired of fat politicians…tired of corporate meeting…tired of bandhs every alternative day…

tired of daily auto rides from office to home and home to office…tired of being alone..tired of waiting for the special someone to fall in love with mee…tired of satisfying everyone else’s will…tired of making them all happy thus by dumping mine into the dirt…i’m tired of having noodles everytime with a fork…tired of my black coffees….I’m tired of watching congress hand over our sovereignty via head spinning debt

i am tired of being good to all… tired of being told it is my "duty"…i am tired of a bunch of hypocritical, self righteous people who always think they are better than mee… i am tired of trying to please all…tired of listening good things from people…tired of their niceness…

i am tired of waiting for the rain….tired of not being kissed when its raining…tired of people those who keep directing mee about what to do with my own life…i am tired of the joke called humanity that most people try to pose…am tired of this life…i am just tired of writing this blog…


2 thoughts on “tired…

  1. this post made me tired :P.. keeping jokes aside… all of us have to go through this phase of life.. now or then…but the winner is that person who can live a cursed life like a blessing…

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