musings post valentine’s day…


Sometimes we just get tired…Tired of everything happening in our life or around us…Tired of not being placed rightly with the right people…Tired of running aimlessly to fulfill the materialistic needs of life…Tired of not being loved back… And that’s when the rebellious mind nauseates. It wants to be set free…free of greed and desires. Perhaps it’s at this very moment when we take refuge in lover’s arm waiting for the fresh breeze followed by the rain to drench us completely.

She laid her head on his shoulder…tears still rolling down her cheeks…the candle burning in full glory…he was holding her hand softly…and then she slowly said, “Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it…”

We woke up into a bright and beautiful Monday morning after partying much in celebration of Love on the Valentine’s Day. It was still so charming and fresh with memories of the moments spent cozily last evening. The heart still craved to be together but normalcy of life will take control of us soon.

Poets, writers and novelists have defined love over the years in many ways. But to me love is perhaps the most undefined thing existing on earth. Love is togetherness, love is faith, love is believing in each other, love is commitment and love is all these things combined together.

The most cherished feeling of life is love…the first touch, first kiss, first exchange of a secret glance, the first cozy moment spend in a indolent afternoon, the first walks in a rainy afternoon, the first coffee shared together… The heart needs no wings to fly. Memories keep coming back every moment when we get tired of this cosmopolitan life.

Looking deeply into her beloved’s eyes he conceives that everyday is a celebration of love in her arms. It’s just not a 14th February each year, rather its every moment in a day, every day in a year. Nothing could be more memorable than the smell of the earth freshly soaked after the rain and the music played in every drop so innocently composed by the grey clouds. It’s only a lover’s heart that can conceive the romance of nature.

Romantic couples have celebrated the day of love all over the world in their very own special ways. But, there is something common in all of them – the feeling of togetherness, the dreams in their eyes and the excitement in their young hearts. The overflowing happiness showed, because it existed within their heart.

The longing hearts united on Valentine’s Day all over the world. It’s on this one day every year when the whole world surrenders to love keeping their differences aside. The romantic hearts realizes the day of love could be celebrated every moment in a day, every day in a year. It’s just not 14th of February each year.

The mind conceives that undefined love cannot be bound to just one day of the year. Love is when we surrender completely to love. Love is perhaps then looking into each other’s eyes and saying nothing at all, yet saying it all.


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