Parting Moment…

The kolkata chapter would be closed for him soon…as he says, “I am done with the city”…may be he feels there is nothing much he can gain from here or may be, just, there is nothing more left for him to contribute to this city…

So there he will be…packing each little thing he would find essential to carry…sometime very soon…things would be cluttered all over his bed – books, files, important documents, clothes, fragrances, shoes, shades, watches, and a family album – he must carry a part of his home with him…

there would a few other things, which he would want to carry…the chocolate wrapper stacked in that little wooden box…it would remind him of the oh-so-happy moments spent with her…a ticket of some stupid hindi movie, made special with her presence…the group photo of that whole bunch of naughty faces clicked in school after they had won the inter-school football tournament…a sealed pack of cigarette brought to him by a friend who went on an onsite project…a few super hero stickers collected when in school…the Oriental dragon pictures taken in some monastery in Sikkim…Kanchenjungha sunrise from Darjeeling…all very carefully stacked inside the wooden chest…

he would stand still with the wooden box…his Mac, BB and a few other gadgets lying here and there on the bed…life had changed for him…he would feel swish…there wouldnt be too long time left to finish packing…30Kgs max he can carry…so now its time to pack the ‘important’ stuff and dump the unimportant rest…perhaps all that he had stored and secured for 28 years…


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