Holi this year….

dull, mundane and blue…yess that was my Holi this year…i had simply craved to be with friends throwing colours and balloons at each other…but destiny had other plans in store…

I have laughed through my life…but that hadn’t really earned mee any brownie point…yet I tried to be satisfied with whatever I was served…I always thought may be I deserve just this much…my skin looks a little rough now as I type this…may be I have forgotten to apply one of those foreign brand moisturising lotion I bought from a posh shopping mall of the city…nothing really matters to mee any longer…its just a life I am pulling through…I will have to until someday my heart stops beating and I rest in peace forever…

the colours, so bright, still lay in the packets I had bought from the market last night…they will perhaps lay there…I will seize myself from happiness…for may be, just may be i am not worth it…


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