the Aniket story….

SPM_A1269 SPM_A1268 SPM_A1267 SPM_A1266 aniket…a name that changed my life a lot…a name that gave mee a mission…a reason to fight with all odds…a name that brought tears to my eyes and smile on my lips at the same time…a name that gave mee courage…a name that made mee believe that “I CAN”….

The six and half year old Aniket is suffering from something that is medically known as ASD or Atrial septal defect. (read about the disease in details by following this link: Doctor suggested an urgent closure of ASD under CBP.

I met Aniket last Saturday, much after I came to know about his heart disease. By this time I had already started letting people know bout the kid through twitter and various other sources. Aniket’s mother, Laxmi, works as a maid to earn her living. His father is a rickshaw puller. The family looked lost. They need 30k in 15 days and have no clue where they would get the money from.

Laxmi sobbed as she was narrating the whole story to us. “I cant do anything. I have to see my son dying”, were her last words.

I did not try to console her. I did not know what to say. But I knew what I should do – something that any human being should have done. I took it as a challenge. Thought, God has given me a chance and I should not waste time by thinking, but by simply taking a plunge.

I tweeted about Aniket’s story and soon found several offering donations. Aniket’s innocent smile gave me strength and determination to make it happen. All I know now is that Aniket must survive…he must keep smiling.


4 thoughts on “the Aniket story….

  1. You are a bit lucky. we really had to see a kid dying in front of our eyes.. we had money to save him but it’s too late… he is 10 years old kid… but looks very young than Aniket. He was not properly treated by doctors at the age of around 3 for water in lungs.. now it formed as mesh. Even the best of the best doctors in Hyderabad gave up as it’s too late for them to save him… the ill treatment of the doctor’s and poverty and lack of awareness by parents is costing he child life now… now all he has is just few more days hardly months.

    I wish you all the best for the work you take up. God bless you and Aniket would be smiling like this for ever.

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