Some days are bad…

Some days are bad…every thing goes wrong…every thing that you say or do…

why do i say wrong things? things that i dont mean?  and then end up sulking? i remember a friend once telling mee the look that i carry and the person that i am contradict each other… i carry a look – she said – which is more like “dont care – F the world – happy go lucky” kind of person… “then y are u so lonely from deep within?” she asked?

i did not like her saying this…but then i thought she was right…then whats wrong with mee?? y do i portray something, which i am not? may be i want to be what i portray… may be i dont want to care about the world and the people around mee…no sorrow to touch mee ever…

ah!! thats an art i need to learn…



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