Kolkata Photo-Walk

Well, finally the day arrived…I woke up at 5.30 in the morning, feeling super excited, and got ready for the Kolkata Photowalk. 6.30 sharp was at the taxi stand.

The morning was relatively cooler, I felt, as the cab sped through the VIP road towards Maniktala. I took the Sealdah-Esplanade-Red Road way to Victoria. People had already gathered when I reached. There were about 10 of us all very charged up.

Victoria looks gallant in the morning…joggers and morning walkers crowd the place majorly…i kept looking at people around me…each face had a story to tell…i walked slowly holding my camera in my hand and looking at everything around through the view finder…

A few curious faces stared at us with much inquisitiveness… I also saw a few whispering something to each other… perhaps they were discussing bout our cameras…or may be just about our profession…

It was an amazing experience to look at their faces through the lens…some posed with a smile, some looked irritated and some blushed…I saw a couple sitting cozily under a tree…the girl had a fresh-out-of-bed look…she hid her face into her lover’s shoulder the moment she saw me pointing camera at them… I smiled and said sorry to them both… I felt as if I made another relation in this world…


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