You have not failed until you give up

“Strangers on the roads of life…makes your journey worthwhile”

some days are strange…really strange…so much that you cant define them…cant put them into words…you try, put all your efforts, perhaps more than you ever thought…and fail…you rise up and try again…but keep failing every time…you become arrogant and wage an irrefutable war with yourself…it makes you feel all the more miserable…

“You have not failed until you give up”

you head to your office…a dull and mundane day it would be…you are still confused and fighting with yourself…rushing through the busy roads trying to manage your dupatta, bag and cell phone, you wait in the long queue for the pool car or one of those glamorous looking air-conditioned buses to arrive…people give a strange look at the messy you…why is it always so difficult to decipher their thoughts?? what is so bloody bothering them?? you can be messy…you can drop all your things on the road…but what has that gotta do with them?? the queue breaks as soon as a box like vehicle arrives…people stacked in it almost suffocated…the strong smell of some cheap perfume, oops!! scent, makes it all the more unbearable….

“God give me patience. Loads of it!”

finally you reach the office elevator…boring faces like zombies with tags hanging around their neck in typically formal wear…well, dont they know there is something called “greet-a-good-morning-smile-at-the-lady”??? patience is virtue, you utter as you keep staring like another zombie…

as usual you finally reach your desk…same old work…sometimes you wonder what actually you do?? what do you do to get paid?? well there is not much time to brood…you switch on your machine and start browsing through your mailbox…few familiar names appear – friends updating their offshore stay, a couple of forwards from those lovely people who have nothing else to do in life, few twitter-facebook-orkut updates and the rest junk…the girl next to you gives you a friendly glance…what for?? ah!! well, you too smile back…pink kurti with bright yellow and purple floral design, purple dangles and pink lipsticks… lord you are totally stoned by the “bitch’s” dressing sense…cant take your eyes off her…

a sweet good morning pops up on your screen…its comes from your boss…this man is powerful you think, “brawnier” than the Almighty, you think…he has it all that can take your smile away in less than a second…so the news makes you all the more elated, gives you reasons to celebrate…you have to head to a meeting in an hour…listen to those chartbusters from some US based client amidst air-conditioned board room…

your brain stops thinking…no, actually by now it has started to spin…clockwise or anti-clockwise…that’s what you try to figure out first…



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