Darjeeling Trip : Entry Day 1

Last Minute Check

finally the morning arrived…i was humming “the bags are packed am ready to go” as i did a last minute check…surmi would be here sometime soon and we would start off for our much awaited trip to Darjeeling…the last minute check took mee quite a long time…i was excited to leave this city, stay put with myself – away from the buzz, away from everyone i know…i needed seclusion…and that’s what i would be heading for…

i checked if i had taken all the essentials…mobile charger, tooth paste and brush, shampoo, my fountain pen and copies, lens and camera charger, the Tata photon+…yess all was there, right in place…

the honking of a car indicated she was there…surmi had come to pick us up…my room looked a little mundane…i touched my father’s photograph as i picked up my bag-pack…what if i never come back?


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