bidding an adieu to where my father stayed

The busy town of Guwahati looked lifeless as maa and i raced through the known alleys in a speedy car…our destination, my dad’s office…we have to vacate his flat and his cabin in office, collect his belongings from there – keep the necessary ones and throw away the rest…maa and i have done it many times at home…we would often pick up a cleaning job one Sunday morning…check each bag, each box, every corner of the room to make sure the unwanted dumps are out…it gave the room a fresh new and shiny look…but this time the job seemed difficult for both of us…everything we touched reminded us of him…

as we reached his shabby looking office building we were given few cartons in which they said they had kept all his belongings…slowly i and maa opened each one of them…his Ray-Ban shades – there were around 5 of them…shirts, trousers, perfumes, newspaper cutting of some important news, body lotions, pens, photocopies of some documents, magazines, a northeast travel guide, few photographs of us, shoes and slippers…the list went endless…we touched and felt everything that laid there lifeless just like my dad had laid lifeless yet so peaceful one morning…

everything smelled of him, i thought…we kept on unpacking things… sorting and keeping aside the ones to be carried back home…maa was almost in tears as we went on…i had dry eyes, have to be strong at this point of time, i kept reminding myself…each moment, all his belongings reminded maa of his absence and mee of his presence… i picked up the bottle of Jovan Musk perfume as maa kept the half used bottle aside…sprayed a little bit on my dress, the blue top i was wearing was a gift from my dad…how can i ever think he was dead?? he is not…he has now only become eternal…now he has the power to be with us all the time, everywhere we ever would be…

it took us the whole day to sort things out…we took time to check all that he has left behind…we had even skipped lunch…the people who worked in dad’s office offered us tea and coffee…they were nice and kind to us…but shattered deep within, we didnt really feel like having anything…it was dark outside by the time we were done…i and maa decided to go for a short walk around the city…

the known alleys, known shops, known marketplace…i had walked down these places, stopping at a few to pick-up household necessities with my dad many times…now they all seemed to look at me with thousands of questions in their eyes…why were we alone? where is that bald headed man? i smiled at every nook and corner of the city, enjoying thoroughly my father’s presence there…how can he not be with mee, i thought…my father loved mee the most, i had been his proudest possession ever…he cannot just desert us to suffer in the pain of missing him…no, he is with mee all the time…my blue top smelled of his perfume reminding mee all the more of him…i fell alseep beside my mom still thinking of my dad…

the next morning we did not have much to do…we would be boarding the train in the evening…so had a whole day free to explore if we wanted to…maa and i decided to pay a visit to the Umanand ashram located on a small island amidst the Brahmaputra river…a boat ride of half an hour took us to the holy place…the quiet serene temple offered a breathtaking view of the river and the busy town of Guwahati…we spent hours walking across the island…love birds crowded the place whispering sweet words into each others ear…

we had to return to the hotel by afternoon…the final packing was done and we would soon bid a final adieu to this part of the world…i knew it then that i would never come back here…maa called the lady whom we met at the hotel lounge wiping the floors…she wore a colorless saree and had a uncombed head and pale face…we decided to give her all the things we cant carry back home…the unwanted dump was huge…i was fascinated to see the joy in her eyes as maa presented her everything we wouldnt carry…steel utensils, some clothes, shoes, a kerosene stove, ceiling fans, beds, wooden closet, tables exhaust fans…the list was endless…and her smile was priceless i felt…that is all i would be carrying back with mee…my father still made people happy…still brought smiles on peoples face… 



One thought on “bidding an adieu to where my father stayed

  1. Hi
    Landed on to your blog from twitter. One honest confession.. this post raised mixed emotions .. I smiled, got a little scared and had moist eyes…
    Guwahati is my home town, born and brought up there, so any mention of it makes me a little emotional 🙂

    Nice theme 🙂


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