I had been trying to write for quite sometime…but don’t know y i simply couldn’t concentrate…ever since i returned from my much awaited trip to Darjeeling i simply couldn’t pen down a single word apart from writing for…but i had something on my mind since the last few days and i thought i would simply let it flow…the words will take its own shape and form something, which will perhaps gush my heart out…so here i am trying to pen down, oops!!! trying to type something, which may or may not mean anything at all…i am thrilled and excited as i dont have anything in mind now…i dont know where will it lead to…perhaps this will talk perfectly of my unquiet mind…

Fridays are special…not because it’s the last working day of the week…no, i rather love coming to office… the best escapade for mee to unwind…i love the people around mee…the real world that means a lot to mee…am grateful and thankful towards all of them for taking perfect care of mee…they are beyond comparisons and i cant express the awesomeness they evoke every single moment….so, coming back to the point, Fridays are special to mee for it’s the time when my timeline in twitter is flooded with #followfriday recos… as Samiran cited in one of his tweets today so rightly: “Incidentally today I only see people in recommending spree. Such Love & Care. God bless them. :)” he perhaps spoke the exact words i was thinking right then…its always so inspiring to see people talking highly of people who they only know virtually…time and again i have written #followfriday recos when i had nothing else to do…i saved them in drafts and waited so anxiously for the Fridays to arrive when i can dish them out one by one…letting the world know what i feel and how much i care for the people i love…

the day began on a sour note, with a lot of controversy and some arguement…but as always it proceeded and raptured into a beautiful day…an overcast sky since the morning, no wind at all, seems like a message of laila…fingers crossed, i keep praying for it never to reach the WB shore…still remember the music we all had to face last year when we were badly hit by the aila…but this foolishly romantic lonely heart certainly longs for the downpour…to get drenched and see the whole city getting soaked in rain… see again am talking of rain…everytime i try to write i end up writing bout my love for rain…yess, i am born to love rain…thats all i can do…


One thought on “fridays…..

  1. If I say, I have just opened to write a post on this #FollowFriday and its impact in my life, will you believe? Nice post didi, Twitter really made Fridays special for us. I won’t talk much about it here, let me write a followup post in my blog.

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