rain…a reason to smile…

IMG_0037 the sky gets enveloped in dark grey clouds. you hear the first distant rumblings of thunder. it sounds like a menacing monster, mourning before it breaks into tears. you come out to the porch to feel the force of the great north wind blowing all over you, taking with it everything lying lose and lost, cleaning the air, the soil, the trees and the souls. you smell the earth as the first drops of rain hit the dust. the thunder turns even more thunderous, the wind turns into gale and rain starts to pour all around, relieving you of the heat, and sweat, releasing you of tiredness, re-energizing your senses, and making you welcome the onset of monsoon.

it brings with it a reason to smile, it brings with it the seeds of new life, new crops, a reawakened spirit, a redeemed hope that urge, life is going to get better when it is wetter again!


as a child, it was my intense urge to get drenched in the first rain of the season, to play in waterlogged fields, to race my bicycle in the torrential rain and to look up and feel the rain drop on my forehead. with age these urges manifested into feelings more mature, more contained but the charm did not fade. such is the effect of rain on humanity. the tropical monsoon can be as dangerous and devastating as it can be romantic. the force and intensity of the rains and thunderstorms can create havoc across towns and villages, wash entire civilizations away, and cause immense pain and suffering to the common man. but that doesn’t stop him from stepping out and feel the comfort of the first shower. he wants to look around him and see a shining world, the glistening leaves, droplets of water on flowers, as if the whole world has been washed clean. as if the whole world has been given a new lease of life.


One thought on “rain…a reason to smile…

  1. It is still an intense urge to get drenched in the first rain of the season, to play in waterlogged fields and to get totally covered in mud. Alas, when you think of wading through spilled over drain water the romanticism of the rain gets dampened a bit. A wee bit but still a bit. Still it reminds me of CCR singing
    “I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain
    coming down on a sunny day”

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