new place, new life??

new place, new life…or is it the same old one wrapped in a jazzy new envelope?? i wonder…life is a constant change and i find it difficult to cope with it all the time.

Back to the posh IT hub of kolkata again after a much celebrated life as a Hollywood News Writer. I am back to my old office. Never thought life would take such a turn, but now I know, all that happens in life only happens for good. All?? Really?? Everything in life only happens for good?? Yess it does, but only when something better happens to you. Until then we crib and cry for the good that our life already posses. Feels funny at times when I look back at my life. Every heartbreak, every obstacle in the career growth have only led me to better. Then why do I always feel so overtly defeated? Why do I feel I can’t stand erect again? It always makes me feel as if the universe has come to a halt and my life to its end.

Like right now I am standing at the crossroads, undecided and lost. Dont know which way to choose, where to go? But as they say, “this too shall pass”…this too will..sooner or later a better will reach mee and I will let go the good happily then.

Back to my old office, old office para, known faces  – it feels good. I am trying to adapt to this change. Trying to fit myself to this new lifestyle. Trying to smile at every boring moronic faces I meet on the busy streets of Sec V. The tapping sound of keyboard assures me the work is in good progress. Well, at least something to feel happy about – My team is performing well.

The emptiness inside mee keeps brewing. A lonely heart cries all the time!!


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