numbers numbers all around…

numbers and more numbers and even more numbers surround mee now…well they not only surround mee but they try to crush my brain…i aint that intelligent, please understand…i aint good with numbers, please realize…i only used to score a humble 95% and above in school…blah, not something that would impress you i know…most of you have always hit that perfect 100 i only dreamt of scoring some day…

numbers and more numbers and even more numbers surrounding me for the past two days…three different reports, numbers not tallying…i have wasted two precious working days of my life on this already…had i not, the company could have flourished a little bit more…a little more revenue and smiles on the CEOs face…that would have given mee all the happiness of the world… but alas, i missed the golden opportunity….not to worry i will get more in the days to come…only, and ONLY if i don’t have to dance and mime to make the “unspoken” person understand the numbers that i have…how many working days have you worked? no wait, divide it by 8 hours a day…and now u are left with how many hours? one day now equals to 8 hours…and i have started growing old too fast…the speed can give Schumacher a straight complex… check out dude, am faster than you… i have weeds in my head now…last night i dreamt of hanging on to those weeds and making noise like “tarzan the ape man”…

By the way do u want my number?? let me first tally it with my friend who has it stored in his BB….


3 thoughts on “numbers numbers all around…

  1. A simply Wow!!! to this write up. You started from school and went on to office and more interesting things. Ultimately numbers matter in life the message last line is giving is really touching. I am impressed 🙂

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