I get paid to kill myself…

i get paid to kill the writer in mee…yessssss thats the truth…

i feel proud to call myself a writer, mind it i seldom call it a “web content writer”…when asked bout my profession i generally say “i am a web content developer” or sometimes keep it brief with  – “writer”…and all that depending upon the person who asks…

my previous job was exciting…the dazzling profile of a “hollywood entertainment news writer”…this too is..i write travelogues, suggesting people to go on honeymoon and romantic trips to enchanting places of the world…to check hotel and airline bookings before they set off….to carry camera equipments to capture the picturesque beauty of the place…to delve into some of the most mouthwatering gastronomical delights that characterize the cuisine of that region…to try out some adventure sports from skiing to hiking, scuba diving and snorkelling…i play a trip planner’s role and trust mee, it excites mee a lot…it thrills mee so much that sometimes i even forget that my client only wants me to write 500 words a page repeating the primary keyword thrice (no matter how irrelevant or meaningless it is) and the secondary keywords(at least 8 of them) once in the content…not a very difficult task but it kills all my creativity…

i pull myself out of my cozy bed every morning…a brief chit-chat with maa while sipping over a cuppa black coffee without sugar(thats my taste)…quick bath and then putting on the formal attire(we are only allowed casuals on fridays, the last working day of the week) i rattle through the busy roads to reach the auto line that looks like a snake to mee… zombies, oops!! i mean the highly qualified techies of of the IT sector  keep waiting for their the auto to come and along with them i too wait for my turn to make myself seated in one…these people are chivalrous truly – they would never push you from the back, break the line or try to get a physical proximity of a girl…..

finally my auto arrives and i manage a seat somewhere…the undulated roads of salt lake never fails to remind mee of my journey to the queen of hills…the joy ride in an auto takes mee to Sec V…a very careful(mind the roads of sec V – you actually have to find an even area amidst large craters on the road where u can place half of your feet and hop to the next one)  yet short walk of  5 minutes takes me to my office…the floors are generally chilled.. so much so that sometimes i feel like a cold blooded mammal….

my work beings the moment i enter…i am usually disconnected from the world…fones in the locker, no gmails…thanks to twitter and my job profile, i can at least get to see what the world is upto….i start playing with numbers at first.prepare the team reports and mail it to the concerned persons with a short note of work progress and highlight on the top performer of the day…then i do some random QC of the content that has been developed followed by assigning work to the team…and finally when all the work is done i get into the role of a writer…this is when i start killing myself..the creative mee dies every day from morning 9 to evening 6…


3 thoughts on “I get paid to kill myself…

  1. That’s what I always feel about this job……SO very True
    Superb sumana you touched my heart………….:)
    keep posting…..

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