Speak well to Write well

“Speak well in order to write well”

we had a very interesting language training session at work today. the trainer got us glued to the 2 hour long session with interesting stories of his life mixing with english speaking exercises. he said “people who speak well, write well. but its certainly not the other way round. so all you writers there start speaking well in order to write well from now”….

Kaustuv Mukherjee – i had known him for long, since my previous innings at Compare Infobase. he has a clear english accent and spoke in a moderately audible tone. the adfilm exercises of the session reminded mee of my practicals at the film school, SRFTI. we would be shown a silent ad or some snap shots and would be asked to write a script for it. we did some similar kind of things here too. i was excited as we all added ideas trying to build stories through our own imagination.

the take away from this two are long session was plenty:

  • use simple words – simple words are easier to understand. like instead of writing purchase u may use buy, hope instead of expectations, buses and cars rather than transportation services
  • use short sentences
  • plan a theme before you start
  • stick to familiar word to the far-fetched
  • ask yourself – who, when, how, what, where – if u can ask then only you can answer. moreover questions are something that changes the context of the content you are writing
  • sentence and idea sequencing (although the trainer said he feels both are similar, i have a different view on this, which i might discuss some other time)
  • be interactive – information is necessary, but how you present it is more important. the content should be suggesting the readers to plan their romantic trips or birthday party
  • frame the structure of the article before you begin writing – you may write down the topics that would want to cover in the article and this may be used as keywords when u start writing
  • speak before you get into a writing job

4 thoughts on “Speak well to Write well

  1. This post reminded me of the “compulsory” editorial meets I use to attend during my Tech jurno days…. One things that I understood was that to be able to write well one also need to read well….. but yeah I do agree… if you speak well it helps you to frame your words better…

    The bulleted points are very similar to ones our editor always emphasize on… specially when he had to rewrite out article 😛

  2. Yea, web writing doesn’t need ornamental English. All you need to do is convey your message in a very simple and short manner. If a reader has to find out the meaning of a particular word while reading the write up, that’s really not called for. He eventually loses interest and navigates to another page. Well, that’s something we don’t want…….

  3. your post reminded me about the topics in training.. thanks for reiterating.. there shall be many trainings in this life.. to some we may agree and end up disagreeing with a few.. happy learning all.. !!! its time to brush up our knowledge 🙂

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