sweet revenge…

Spain's FIFA World Cup 2010 Win

Spain's FIFA World Cup 2010 Win

last night i felt happy deep within. the sadist me secretly had her last devilish smile. i had not waited for this night but as they say whatever happens, happens only for good. and really it did. i was happy in the end. and happiness is all that it matters nothing else.

the painful exit of my yellow jersey-ed men – oh! how can i forget that night. i cried and dampened my pillows until morning. for me the tournament ended right there, right then with Brasil’s exit. and i had not known how much i wished Netherlands to lose until last night. the euphoria rose and i grinned. the devilish grin. well, orange looked yellow with one foul after another. thanks to the match referee Howard Webb for slowing down the match and making it further boring. some said this was more of a “ceety bajao competition”, some felt it was the celebration of yellow in the finals of FIFA World Cup 2010.

a last minute goal in the extra time by Spain was such a welcome relief. thanks to the predictions of Paul Octi – i promise i will never have squids or octopuses. i promise you.

it was only after Spain scored a goal i realized how happy i was. sweet revenge on the men in orange. remember the night you had put us out of the tournament. i can feel your pain Sneijder, even now.


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