For they only belong to India

Aug 15th

Aug 15th

On this eve of the 64th Independence Day I am feeling totally blank. I want to scribble down so many things, but what do I write? Where do I start from? Like every year I got two Indian national flags – one to be tied to my car and the other one to my window. As I would go for a drive around the city, which I do every year, to witness Independence Day observed at several parts of Kolkata, the flag would flutter in the breeze. I would hold my head high watching the city wrapped in the national flag, feel proud for being an Indian. But the small tricolor flag waving in the wind wouldn’t even know the catastrophe that has swallowed up the land it represents.

Soon my inbox would be flooded by patriotic messages, inspiring sketches of national heroes and uplifting slogans. All TV channels will only telecast independence special TV shows and movies. Newspapers would have patriotic bylines. All day long I would be gathering more and more knowledge on the recollections of independence, the lessons of the brave men in history.

I generally avoid reading articles that question if freedom is right, that raise a doubt on the value of independence and that cast disbelief on my country’s potential. I was reading an article today, which moved me completely. It raised a very valuable point that goes like: ask the Kashmiris, ask the Chechens, ask the Palestinians how precious freedom is, even if that’s an imperfect one.

My country makes me feel proud not only on the 15th of August, but each and everyday. Each year on this day I pray and hope the country remains safe. Very devotedly I forward patriotic emails and text messages to everyone I know. This year the list also included countless tweets. But how does all that help? It might evoke the spirit of patriotism in a few, but then it doesn’t change anything. So this year, I thought I would make it a turning point. Things must start getting better from now. But, how?

We have our share of crisis. I thought I must do something NOW. May be I can start with writing. Write something gleaming and rousing to turn everything around, to provide a solution to the chaos which face us everyday. It’s pointless to raise issues and do endless analysis finding a solution to it. We come across plenty of such self-righteous criticisms on television and newspapers everyday. I just don’t want to be one of those who keep us updated on disaster and murky stories, which provoke us to be communal. I want to write about the positivity of life, about harmony.

We don’t have any faith upon those men whom we have chosen as our leaders. It doesn’t matter, which political party they represent or what they preach.  Fundamentally all of them seem and sound the same. They fail to endow us with any vision, any optimism, any guidance, or any leadership let alone any result. We are constantly being paralyzed by our so called politicians. No matter what fury breaks out, scams and lies are brought into the limelight, the same people will remain in power and think of an alternative who are no better. No matter what the citizens go through the power clutched leaders remain where they are – unmoved and unrattled. People don’t feel longer livid, disillusioned or even astonished with the fact that we are lead by such worthless people.

I read articles of eminent personalities discussing over the issues that engulf India. I too experience same feeling and seriously want to help the nation. But don’t know how to do it. One thing I find we have in abundance. That’s not crisis or natural calamities, not even corruption. But we have millions of people wanting to fight against all these evils. And all these people are ordinary folks just like me. We all keep trying to find ways to help in whatever way they can. We pray with our soul, with every drop of tear to protect our nation from mass killing and hatred. We want to remain safe. We all want to prosper.

My heart echoes the pain and torment of my fellow countrymen. I want to do something for those millions of people I know who work day in and day out with honestly, trying to save each penny to secure the future of their families. There are thousands of Indians who have left their motherland for a better future and life. But their every thought only revolves around their mother nation during the time of crisis. There are millions of people who remain in this land and live through this mayhem and suffering, whose only wish is to be able to live and let live in peace.

Our future lies exactly here. We will not find true hope and salvation in the grasping and greedy hands of those whom we have chosen as our leaders – a group of people who are only busy securing their pocket, building their dynasties, empires and mansions. We will find solace within ourselves. We will find a solution from the mass, the middle class people, who would never deceive their motherland. For they only belong to India.


6 thoughts on “For they only belong to India

  1. Excellent write up. Nice thought, brilliantly penned down. I can feel the unrest juggling in your mind.

    But, there are few points I couldn’t understand. Like, ask the Kashmiris, ask the Chechens, ask the Palestinians how precious freedom is? Can I have the link to this article? How could someone related Kashmir to Chechnya and Palestine? Apart from religion – everything differs here.

    Other point, Indians have left their motherland for a better future and life. I guess it’s a personal choice and it’s a global phenomenon. It was always there, In India, In China, In UK n everywhere else. N to be honest, we shouldn’t try to bring them back. Let them enjoy their life.

    We should be more concerned about the people living in India. Those who care about this country, like YOU n ME. Those who are willing to do something and those who contribute even a single paisa to this cause.

    Loved reading it. Keep writing..

    Ambuj 🙂

  2. It showed how u feel about your country; how much u luv it.How hard u r trying to make a mark. How much responsibilities u r carrying. And thats the thing each and every Indian should do to make India a Perfect Country. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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