my morning cuppa coffee…

2 My morning starts with a cuppa black coffee… every morning mom wakes me up to my favorite black coffee… no milk no sugar… with every sip i feel the world is divided into halves – coffee lovers and tea lovers… i although belong to the former category… i am totally a coffee person… had never tasted tea, until few days ago when a dear friend, tried every wit and finally convinced me to sip over darjeeling tea at Cafe Coffee Day… “ekbaar try kore dekho, bhalo lagbe, na lagle ami kheye nebo. tarpor amra black coffee khabo”… and finally I gave in.

I have to think hard to remember when was the first time i ever tasted coffee… i guess it was in darjeeling… i would go there often, at least once in a year if not more, with maa and babai… making me drink the regular glass of milk every morning was a true punishment for maa… hence she thought of giving herself a relief from handling my banter and gave me some coffee instead… i fell in love with it instantly… or may be it was the chill in the wind, freshness of the morning and orange hues of the sun painting the snow capped Kanchenjunga that did the trick… but i give the whole credit to the real taste of it… the bitterness that lingered in my mouth for long… i have become a Coffee Addict since then.

coffee but my first taste of coffee is not what i am addicted to these days… it was milky and sweet with just a little amount of coffee dust sprinkled into it… but i loved it anyway… and since then every trip to darjeeling has taken me to every coffee shops there from Kaventers to Glenerys… “make me one coffee without milk and some brown sugar separately”.

my 5 years of graduation and post graduation gave way to a perfect blend of coffee and bengali intellectual adda culture at Coffee House… hours were spent bunking classes and debating over politics, sports, literature, history, economy, films and music… and we could never really keep counts of the number of cups of “infusion” we gulped down… liquid diet, i called it then and survived on it mostly everyday… the very garrulous bengali girl that i was and still am, i was never tired of sitting at Indian Coffee House surrounded by friends and doing endless chatting. 

the countless Barista’s and CCD’s have made coffee a daily part of our lives after work today… every time i have to meet an old colleague or a friend after work, i would say, lets catch up at CCD then… with that special someone, its either the CCD at CC2 or the less crowded one near the swimming pool at Salt Lake… the pen and paper have now been replaced by laptops… discussion from movies, literature and music have been exchanged with new technologies and social networks… but the coffee remains same and perhaps as important as it used to be if not more.

recently my boudi got Starbucks Coffee for mee from US… i was floored when i took the first sip of it… gave her a long hug and thanked her countless times… “eta best gift”… yess true… these days my inseparable late night partners are mugs of coffee from Starbucks, books and music… we four share space on my bed and create unforgettable memories…


me and my coffee…we both will live happily ever after.



10 thoughts on “my morning cuppa coffee…

  1. This post makes me yearn for my cuppa too! i am a die hard coffee fan, though i dont spend my money on overpriced coffee at CCD, i love to enjoy every drop of it……

  2. Just had a hot cuppa coffee. wit milk… i dont take sugar, but milk yes!! 🙂
    Am not a coffee addict, but yes definitely prefer coffee over tea… but know what, in the afternoon, around 3-4pm, i look fwd to a hot cup of masala tea… dont remember where this habit began, but its pretty much a routine.. I started drinking coffeearound 14yrs of ageand since then our love affair has been going strong!! :))

  3. I’ve always heard about Barista and CCD prices being way over the top. What I sometimes want to do is get folks to post what they’d like to pay for a specific coffee/drink at any of these outlets compared to what they actually pay. Perhaps that would get them to think over their prices.

    Me, I am not really a coffee person. Much less a black and without sugar and milk one. The palate has been suitably jaded with tea of various flavors and origins – some mongrel and some fine. At one given point in time I used to have close to 40 cups of tea a day. These days it has pretty much come down to having tea when I feel like. In fact, for a longer period, when I substituted tea with coffee I preferred a much stronger brew. I generally stay away from coffee these days. Can’t really figure out what got me switching to it anyway.

    I don’t think that CCDs and Baristas and Costa Coffees have made coffee a part of our lives. I get the feeling that these outlets are just contrivances which enable conversation to have moved from our drawing rooms, addas/rawks into a bit fancier atmosphere.

  4. well..ur morning cuppa coffee piece of work will surely be v much welcomed by people out here in US …am too a coffee person but not at the heights of urs …but i still stick to our instant NESCAFE above all starbucks or any other brands that have tried here in this alien country…but yes …am not one who will go for black coffee …am completely into cappucino or expresso or a standard cup of coffee with milk and some sugar … reading ur blog only brings into my thoughts the people out here … black caffeined or decaffeined coffee ..not sugar milk …is what they start they day off with and end their day off with that too before they go to bed …in between u can count it to anywhr between 7-10 cups …that’s what is the standard picture here … infact the other day was checking out a wholesale grocery store n one lady was at the check out holding a big big box of raw coffee which i wondered how many days she wud take to finish it …but truth is she wud just take max a month to finish it which prob we wud have taken 6-7 months or more …looks like u shud be here not there …finally i am not into much tea or coffee nowadays

  5. Lovely post. Emotions weaved in coffee…
    I echo your sentiments completely.. am a hard-core coffee drinker and lover!
    Coffee and love are the best things to have happened to mankind ! 🙂

  6. I am quite a coffee guy, not unlike you. A good cup of Java would get me higher than a lot of other “intoxicants”. The kick from a morning coffee makes the rigorous day seem worth the while.

    The Darjeeling references strike a chord, esp. Glenary’s.

    However, while I like an occasional espresso, the Frappes are my personal favourites. My CCD jaunts at otherworldly hours got friends baying for my blood. I agree with @sankarshan though, the prices do pinch.

    The coffee house connect suggests you’re from Presi. Is that right?

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