Change is Inevitable, Pain is a Choice

Change is Inevitable, Pain is a Choice

Yes I believe in it from the core of my heart… each day life teaches us a new lesson… some we enjoy and want to remember all through our life, and some we want to dump in the murkiest corner deep into the dark from where it loses its gravity to linger on… but we cherish them all…

Life is a wonderful journey… it takes us through sunny days and harsh climes… but it never fails to inspire us to live on… to embrace the change… to put in our best… to thrive for more…

It fascinates me the most to see how people behave differently in a common given situation… some react, some act and the rest respond… for long I belonged to the first two categories… until one day when my best friend taught me to respond… since then life took a new turn… I began to live rather than exist…

I love naming relationships…I hate to call people around me as mere “people”… they are either my “friends” or “brothers” or “sisters” or sometimes even the nameless “special ones”… its crazy I know, but it allows me to connect to each one around mee… “My magical beans”… I respect each one of them for what they are… I respect their selflessness, their own ways of inspiring or even ignoring each other… sometimes they are selfish, too full of themselves, simply denying the existence of others, perhaps trying to cushion from the real world… but they had always been nice to mee… may be that’s because I had only delved into the niceness they had ignoring the rest… as my friend always says “people are always nice”, yes they are…

Time and again I had found myself agreeing or disagreeing to things people said or believed… I had stepped into unnecessary arguments only because I wanted to… I had shown my anger and anguish over things that I didn’t trust… like many, I had found myself raising voice for a cause, which I felt existed… but all that didn’t take me far… it only created an “i-me-myself” world sans friends… I wanted to change…wanted to love all my friends…accept them with their differences… coz that’s what made them what they are… that’s what defined their true existence…

(I dedicate this blog to my “best friend” who hates the negativity in mee… he walked into my life to change me completely as a human being… to inject optimism and positivity in me… I don’t have the power to inject anything in anyone… I am too small a human being for all that…so all I do is accept people just the way they are… irrespective of their choice of being rude to or finding faults in each other… as my friend say, “I may not agree to what you say, but I will fight for your right to speak until death”… let this thrive of mine be eternal… let me better each day as a human being… for change is inevitable, pain is truly one’s choice, whether we want to inflict it upon another or own self)


2 thoughts on “Change is Inevitable, Pain is a Choice

  1. I indeed loved what you wrote, most importantly the way you “responded” to this evolution that has taken place in you! I felt that you entered the domain of faith, belief, hope and beauty (A domain where i set my world) and spoke your heart with clarity. Such a rendition, has to be BEAUTIFUL. The words or phrase that caught my attention is “Magical Beans”……I could almost see that dazzle there, and indeed life is actually a Magic or a floating carpet with its miracles and glories strewn all over…There are times when these “Magical Beans” almost chooses to be with us for a great cause or sometimes just to be there. Your best friend is one!

    Acceptance is what i found profoundly visible in your writing. Acceptance of yourself, your actions and others around you. True, life is a rolling stone, and what we call as experience is how we “respond”. Actions today are the living anecdotes for the morrow…And your lines just gifted me with this thought! Keep writing…..most importantly, keep living and speak the “soul language”!


    • Well acceptance is the best way to avoid sorrow…..but being a human being its not very easy to accept evrything or everyone….so ur bound to react..sometimes these reactions can be troublesome actually most of them can be…till u come to terms with these things as mere “things”……still i would say reacting to a stiuation at that instant is good for it keeps them away from making memories(good or bad ones depends on u)….which keeps u involved in the thing for a long tym…so if u cn accept its gud….else react to the situation nd forget nd move on….

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