Ektu Dekhi Nabbo…

Ektu Dekhi, Nabbo… haan haan sure dada… i am so in love with u that i can even take a flight straight from the running auto to make space for you to get down… even if that sends me to heaven i would do that for u…oh wait…i think hell would sound more appropriate for a paapi like mee… the amount of paap i have done is immeasurable… but whatever it is…the modda kotha is that i would do this tyag for you… hope this gives you a lot of anondo…

autos are a lifeline for mee…they take mee to work every morning… and bring me back home after a long tiring day at aw-ffice…from shombar to sukrobar…and on shonibar and robibar, they take me to CC…saves somoy and taka u see…for me autos are chariots of the middle-class… oops!! sorry for that class distinguish…many of my intellectual friends would do a lot of protibaad, jor golay…

well, every 2nd day one of my co-passengers would come up with such an abdar… “dekhi ektu nabbo”, when the auto is still on high speed… they touch my heart immediately…without any deri it creates a bonding with that humble person, who actually considers me to have magical powers of Harry Potter and actually believes that i can jump of a running auto and make space for him / her… this is nothing but sheer bhalobasha… and i find no lajja in saying that “am so in love with you”…



11 thoughts on “Ektu Dekhi Nabbo…

  1. Ektu dekhi…..please…..excuse me……esscuse me…..ektu shorben…..

    These are the phrases I use and I hear used in Public transportation auto-rickshaws or otherwise. As much as they protray “our love” for our fellow men, and our “tyaagi” dhormo, the fact is….I quite like to listen to these ubiquitous words, they just make the public here in Kolkata sound so “accommodating” Real, or otherwise is a discussion for another day of course.

    “Modda kotha” We are like this only. Horn. OK. TATA.

  2. A nice way to profess love, by asking for either advanced knowledge of sorcery, or the ultimate sacrifice.
    However, maybe you missed the primary modda kotha, that if we are crazy enough to board the autos, killing machines that they are, we might just be considered crazy enough to jump off the same, all in the name of an unchartered love. So the Nabbo demand may be saner than the sanity we claim to typically possess.

  3. Shamelessly punny! Struck chord with me as soon as i read the title. Such jargons are scattered all over this city. And these experiences make us love the city more. 🙂

  4. You’re ekjon darun writer. Aami simply loved benglish er use. fatafati. Our daily course of kajkormo is so simple, kintu its have its own golpo.. this choto choto love story happens protidin, but we miss the nirmol aanondo of them. 🙂

  5. Exceptionally well written….!!!:-) this is actually a great problem while traveling in an auto….sometimes the co-passengers behave in such a ridiculous way as if i should jump from a running auto to let them get down..:P…god knows what difference will it make if they are a min late!!!

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