asking for light

pungent fight on an empty road
perception fades graffiti in a
rest room darkened
“all colored sign below”
the car speeds by with blacked-out windows
a figure inside looks like a ghost
the frame of a broken world
you helplessly wish for anger to go away
with hands the man makes signals
asking for a light


3 thoughts on “asking for light

  1. “pungent fight”
    “rest room darkened”
    “frame of a broken world”
    “asking for light”
    weaves an image. light at the end of tunnel. A part of me, aint i the ghost? Aint i asking for light?

  2. ” That’s how time’s pantomime walks the street
    All in a sudden, or in a secret retreat
    Voyageurs we are, walking here and there
    Searching our lost shadows everywhere
    We seek for that light amidst the dark halo
    Looking at the heavens, placing our wishes below”

    I could so well connect with these words you write. They almost inspired me to come up with these lines. You are so well connected with the core of life, you speak the soul language! Thank you for this wonderful rendition……Keep Writing!


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