Tips to GAIN Followers in Twitter

DeePee: Don’t make people want to “pee” on your DP. Use a nice photo, preferably a recent one. Keep changing them after a period of time, say once in a month. A latest trend has shown more people shifting to black n white DP over the colored ones. Go by the flow. Simple. Your passport photo must make people want to add you to the “tweeples-i-want-2-meet” list.

Bio: Write an interesting bio. Well, a confusing one would pose better. It should not give a proper idea to people of what you do, where you come from or what interests you much. Don’t worry about your follower count. Girls like such people who doesn’t talk straight. And men are anyways always confused and don’t have time to solve their confusion.

Answer Quickly: Don’t make your followers wait for your reply. If they ask you questions or shoot a tweet at you, which you know nothing of, remember there is a savior called “GOOGLE”. Go, type the keywords, find an appropriate answer and reply like an expert. You can as well DM your “know-all” tweeple and ask for a help. But your reply must be prompt. Interactivity is IMPORTANT.

Pretend: This is important. Very. You have to pretend to be an expert in every domain. You know bout the stock updates, politics, sports, social issues, entertainment, technology, gadgets blah blah blah. Unless you are a celebrity you are answerable to people and are held responsible for what you do. So pretend to be humble, to be human, to be a SAINT. Create an image when people consider you to be a gadget guru, a social media expert, a metaphysical poet, a celebrated photographer and most importantly a “dalai lama”. A small mind inside a large skull is not much appreciated.

Be Sarcastic: Be at your best wit. Always. Even at the moments when you want to murder your boss or just got dumped by your partner. Sarcasm can be a best refuge at such moments. The “SWEET TALKS” about them would make them feel special and give you a vent to pour your heart out. Start following people who are best at it to learn the art quickly. Don’t let your sarcasms go unappreciated.

Be Funny: Learn to laugh at yourself. Post funny comments, jokes, anything to make people laugh. People like happy souls. Too much of philosophies would be too much brain heavy. Your wit will always let you tell people what you really think of them. “SWEET TALKS”, as i always say, wouldn’t make them sweet, just like standing in a Ferrari showroom would make you a Ferrari.

Complain: Complaining is healthy. After a long tiring day at work, meeting unreasonable demands of your clients, gulping down the banters of your boss with that “i-am-longanimous” look, you need to vent it out. Remember, its always on the other hand, we have different fingers. Bitch about everything that comes to your mind. The politicians, the scams, the unsuccessful cricket final, a movie released last Friday – go on complaining. For many, social media is a platform to only lodge complaints and judge people. Why is my coffee served late? Why is there so much of traffic jam on road? Why is the taxi wallah playing such tacky hindi songs? Why is the dog not eating bread? Why are people sleeping when they need to raise their voice for social cause? Why? Why? Why? Bombard people with questions and kill them until all your frustrations are out. Don’t worry. You would find a few joining you in the social-reform cause.

Pick a Cause: Easy way to reach up to people and increase your horizon. Pick a cause, join a revolution, play virtual part in Social and Technical Events across border. This would increase you interactivity with a lot of people.

Whom to Follow: Follow men. They are most likely to follow you back. Girls are very choosy in this regard.

Being a girl myself, most of what I wrote here would be more applicable for girls. Tags: ,,,,,,


6 thoughts on “Tips to GAIN Followers in Twitter

  1. Awesome post.. But I’m a little scared too after reading this..And would like to say a few things..
    Never thought or calculated so much while following people.. never felt that pretending was important.. and never joined a cause just for the heck of increasing my follower count. Nonetheless, has been a great Twitter journey so far and very rightly it has become an integral part of my life.
    Thanks for mentioning me.. You too are very very sweet.. I mean genuinely sweet 🙂

  2. Cool. Really nice one. Gaining followers is more like a self-promotion and stays just at that.. Finally interest is lost forever. N the mere mention gets a biiig yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn. Lol

  3. Awesome i am so humbled for your recommending me 🙂 And the post is so true!!! Pretending part is just so true 🙂 [i just disagree with recommending Kanchan Gupta, his news is biased news 😛 (but of course to each his own) :P] Loved the post!

    I had tweeted this yesterday, posting again,,,,

    Followers may come, Followers may go, but i tweet forever (sorry Lord Tennyson) 😛

  4. The blog was extremely well written as always with Sumana. (I am not being #sarcastic). However, I think that you should be yourself. Gaining followers should not be the end – you need to express yourself and people like you well and good. If not, there is not much you can do about it. However, my advice is be true to yourself. Oi je Rabi Thakur likhe gechen na “jodi tor dak shune keu na ashe tobe ekla chalo re”

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