131005 Tears rolling down my cheeks as I type this blog. Billion hearts stopped right before the captain raised his bat to hit that 6…and then shed tears of joy together.. Congratulations India

with every ball my heart skipped a beat or two. at one point the runs equaled remaining number of balls. momentum was built at a a constant pace. those were nail biting moments, eyes were fixed on the score board.

It is only a historic moment like this that can unite the whole nation. people kept awake for over 24 hours giving constants updates of the tension that brewed deep within only to give birth to that euphoria inside you. what a moment, what a feeling it is.

the 28 year long wait finally came to an end. the whole nation rose up to experience the ecstasy with champagne and carnival of colors. deafening noise of the cheering crowed and smell of burned firecrackers filled the air. i saw a procession near my house. people running frantically with the Indian flag. some also carried posters of God – Sachin-is-God.

“India, India”, they chanted in chorus. there were riots of emotions everywhere. i have never experienced this in my entire life. now i know the exalting moment of 1983 my father always talked about. i was a part of it now. i cried more. i missed my father. and i knew what exactly he tried to say always. all anticipations ruptured into a flood of emotions.

This was the moment we had lived for. the pulsating final, a mammoth 274 on the score board, early wickets of Sehwag and Sachin lost, in the end it was the young brigade to turn dreams into reality. saw an emotional Tendulkar in tears for the first time in life. i was in tears too. it was like a fairy tale. cant ask anything better than this from life. million hearts chanted – Dhak Dhak go.. India Go…




  1. that was the moment when 120 crore Indians was really united with one joy, one merry, one wish, one admiration and one proud being Indian with one slogan “CHAK DE INDIA”. So aa samudra himachal is one india.

  2. that was the rarest wonderful miraculous time when we all120 crore forgot all our grief, despair,anger personal belief and disbelief, frustrations, Yes, all at a time.

  3. Ooh Lovely 🙂 … The long wait is been over now. The victory cup is with us and that made us proud. Cheers!!! To every Indian and our Indian Team.

  4. Yes, this match united us in more than just one way! We lived the glory of the past once again! Many recollected the thrills of 1983 once again! AND YES, we were emotional! This piece of writing captures the feelings of not only the writer but many more who probably had similar feelings! Great to read!!!…

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