Wowed to Debate

The morning smelled of orchids and wild flowers. Chill in the air. The sleepy hilly town was still draped in fog. There was no sign of sun anywhere. Mists all around, with a grey shade covering the azure sky. The exuberance of the monsoon had transformed the landscape into an abundance of miracle. The beauty of the swirling mountain mists and the soft soothing sibilant of falling rain engulfed mee thoroughly. My fuming cup of coffee soon arrived along with fresh dumplings stuffed with chicken and shredded cabbage. If I have to ever think of Darjeeling I would think of Momos.

The April 2011 chapter of Starup Saturday, Kolkata, took my mind to the queen of hills for a while. Sagar from Wow Momo wowed me really. A very enthusiastic young man started this Momo chain in Kolkata. I had always been a loyal customer of their brand. Every time I would visit New Market, I would make sure to stop at their New Empire kiosk and delve into a plate of chicken steamed momo served with a local red chilly sauce. I love the hot and tangy taste of the sauce served with the bland food.

Sagar shared his experience of how he and his best friend, Vinod, would bunk classes at St. Xavier’s college and work out on hundreds of business plans before they finally zeroed upon starting a food chain. “If there could be pizza chains, burger chains and fried chicken chains doing so well, why can’t a Momo chain appeal to people”, Sagar said. Sharing his thoughts further he added “Roti, Kapda aur Makan – three basic needs of human race”.

Agree completely, but I would like to quote him a little differently. When it comes to we, the Indians, it’s always debate over a cup of tea complemented with mouthwatering snacks that becomes a part and parcel of life. We can’t live without two things – debating over anything and everything, and gorging over lip smacking dishes.

So from Sagar’s Wow Momo’s enticing success story our minds led to a thought provoking debate over whether Sachin Tendulkar should retire now or he should play for the next couple of years. Soon everyone in the room turned into cricket analysts, as if we all knew the sport better than one another. Debating has been the favorite pastime for most of us. The argumentative self never shies away from being vocal. While slurping tea, biting “Momos” and puffing Gold Flakes, give us anything to debate upon and we will be at our best wit.

The team of webprachar gave us a new platform to take this act in a more serious manner. Brilliant concept and design from Kamanashish, Anirudh and Mithilesh gave birth to their new product:

Thanks to Abhinaba Dey for organizing such a lovely event. Am now Wowed to Debate !



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