To be free

whenthetidegoesoutxs0 he followed me everywhere I went….to the porch, to the garden, to the hills, to the seas, in the rain, on a chilling night, under the scorching sun, in a full moon night….

I had watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Best Friend’s Wedding numerous times….and every time I have watched these films my heart had conked…..i cried and finally surrendered myself to believe that soul mates and true love exist. That real romance is out there….and he kept on following mee even when I cried while watching a romantic movie…

he followed me when I was exasperated…he followed mee when I was into someone else’s arms…he followed mee when I was kissing and making love….

“To be free, you had to be alone, always, everywhere, and above all amongst people. . . Wandering and alone in a world in which he could always stay unknown, Orschanow was really free. He thought and acted as he wanted to, and no one could pretend to control his thoughts, since all he needed to do was to leave, at the first clash of views, and set off on the road again.”

I always wanted to be alone and free of all emotional bonding….and one day I’ll set to a journey alone….where perhaps he will not follow mee….i will rest in my grave peacefully….and he will look over my smiling face and set himself free of mee….


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