F5Impulse2011: An Initiative

“I am a fresher. Did my engineering from a reputed college. Couldn’t manage to get a job in a branded company. So finally thought of going for an MBA. My parents had spent their fortune on my education. Currently I don’t know what I should do? I had never known it all my life. Did an engineering course since that’s what was expected off mee. Then opted for MBA since I people said it would fetch me a good job. Now I find no parity between what I learned in classrooms and what I am expected to do.”

“I have an experience of working in an MNC for some handsome years. Now I feel stagnant of the same kind of work that I had been doing everyday. I need a break and start something of my own. I want to start my own company and work for myself. I have no clue about how the market changes its shapes every moment. I don’t have enough hands to help me deliver the kind of work I got from my client. “

1 There are several other issues faced by those trying to make an established career in the IT sector.

Saturday evening was eventful with SocialF5’s first initiative to bring up, discuss and find solutions towards some pertinent issues faced by many. Impulse2011 had a small footfall of 15 members – all working in the IT sector. The group was small, hence helped each other immensely to connect and network. Ideas kept flowing in as soon as a member would come up with a genuine issue.

Hosted by Sanjib Chakravorty, the founding member of SocialF5, it gave us a platform to join hands and try to drive the ecosystem towards betterment. Supported by young enthusiasts like Shilpa Srivastava, Kamanashish Roy, Sugata Chaki, Aninda Das, Prachi Kamalia, Bibhas and Piyu Banerjee, the event moved on touching every challenges a start-up has to face and survive.

Aninda and Sanjib discussed the pain points of any start-up:

  • Delegating work is difficult due to lack of niche experience of working
  • Challenges of choosing correct people
  • Lack of time to train the joinees
  • Difficulty in getting proper resource
  • No HR policies in start-up to maintain discipline

2 To change the society we all need to change our mindset first. Further justifying this, Sanjib stated, “It’s more important to connect and complete than to compete”. The world is flat and we are trying to hog from the same plate. Therefore it’s wise to join hand and grow together rather than pulling each other down and trying to rise high.

Aninda concluded with something he always keeps telling us. We need to guide the young ones to choose the right track. A big brand may fetch them a lot of money, but it’s only in a start-up where they can learn more. He also suggested to practice an insource model over outsource.

Finally we all promised to come up with similar such events at least once in a month and welcome more and more hands to join the mission.



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