I feel a sudden disconnect from you… why does it change so soon without even giving a prior notification? I think I am getting all insane… I think I will cry tonight… cry to death if that helps mee rise up and live again… the storm inside my heart keeps brewing to take the shape and form that can scare mee to death… don’t hold my trembling hands I pray… let mee fight it out on my own… let mee fight the harshest climes and live through it each day… nothing stays forever… neither sorrow nor happiness or death… its only the memories that live on…

the sky looked same like each day…changing colors from pale blue to orange, purple and finally dark… its evening now…not very late for us… but the time has certainly changed… it didn’t whisper love into my ears… we were near yet I failed to take this shortest journey, reach up to you and pour my heart out… silly… no point in cribbing now…I said to myself…


3 thoughts on “disconnect

  1. Nice outpouring of thoughts. Well, I can say one thing, this disconnect is experienced may be because we fail to take notice of ourselves. In this life of constant travel and fight to live each second, makes us forget about ourselves also. This kind of disconnect is experienced when we don’t *feel* ourselves.

    It’s a phase in everyone’s life. Some are lucky enough to have short phase of this disconnect while others (including me) have to bear this for longer duration 🙂 But yes, one respite can be to feel ourselves. Let go some ties and things and live our life 🙂

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