Ads: Liberators or Manipulators

Is advertising truly a seduction through manipulation? Gentle persuasion by caressing both the heart and the head? Or is it just a fashionable invite of the promised goods and services to the target audience? A method to spruce up the process of invitation, rather than the qualities of the goods and services themselves?

As per the definition goes advertising is a process of indirect persuasion to turn the consumer’s minds towards purchase. But, are the parameters of this definition limited to its true sense today, is a big question now.

In todays world advertising has become an art of psycho selling – one of the latest and most popular marketing tactics, which combines passion with cunningness. It is a permissible lie, seducing human mind to create needs and turn them into wants to meet targets. So can it be said that advertising has become evil, poisonous and dangerous?

Looking from a different perspective one can say that advertising is probably one of the greatest happenings as a social phenomenon today. It exposes people to a wider variety of products and services designed to provide comfort, convenience and higher level of well being. So can it not be said that anything that invites people to live better can only be a positive influence?

But then what is the point in flashing hi-tech and glam products when the majority of the population cant afford it? What is the need to give birth to a greed in them to achieve more?

Advertisements are liberators in some sense but they require manipulation too. For eg., if we consider fairness creams, we have seen that they highlight on an old and ancient belief that fair is beautiful. Several companies have been playing with this idea for quite sometime. And although its unfortunate but these companies are certainly successful.

Undoubtedly the positive side of ads exist loud and clear but the negative aspects are the half truths. It is done with such a manipulative skill that it seems as if they have spoken everything when originally they haven’t said anything at all. In the market driven new economic world, advertising is happening in every spheres of life. Its a fact, even necessity, that needs to be applauded or completely dumped as the occasion demands but never can it be ignored.


2 thoughts on “Ads: Liberators or Manipulators

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