an afternoon that never was

It was supposed to be a warm winter afternoon…ma and me will take the afternoon metro to New Market, where she will shop for some winter garments and few household necessities(whatever that is)… captured by the excitement of the endeavor I revolved around my entire weekend looking forward to the trip…planning for what to wear, what to shop, what to eat and so on…we would hop from one shop to another, feel the texture of silk as my mom does before buying a cloth, buy at least a small something for everyone back home…we would then dive into the mughlai delicacies at Nizam or badshah, where ma will tuck into biriyani …I will gnaw at chunks of chicken sipping over pina-colada…I thought…

Early Sunday morning, mom and dad bickered over petty things and the endeavor fell apart as usual… the plan was called off… but I have intense memories of it… an afternoon that never was…


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