We are smothered completely by inevitable fates in life… death of a close one, dumped in love, failing to make a friend understand that you never lied… many would argue with a “nothing is permanent”, or try to fake comfort with, “this too shall pass” thing… but perishing just isn’t, for few it lingers on forever… yet you keep trying every moment to fake that smile… its easier than putting your best attempt to make people believe you really really had not lied…ahh so mellow-fully-dramatic

Well, as an adult I should have known by now that nothing is really permanent – being loved or hated, being alive or dying, succeeding or failing… but how did we come to know this? Is it because it happened to us at some point of time in life or we just knew it and lived in a denial?

“Accepting would make things easy”, many have told me this. But accepting what? That death, failure, losing a loved one is what it should have been? And that since all these were destined to happen I shouldn’t have been hurt since it did?

But why does it hurt so much? Does it hurt more coz you loved each one of them more than your life? Or is it because, letting go is not easy?


One thought on “inevitable

  1. Well accepting really does make things easy, on the surface of it. But at the same time, it makes things difficult from inside. It depends on an individual how strong they are from inside and that concludes their ability to bear it.

    Also, there can’t be a distinctive line between why it hurts more. Is it because you loved each one of them more than your life or is it because letting go is not easy, tough question. But I guess it’s at the center point of the line, 50/50 as we call it.

    A very nice article, a touching one.
    I know what the loss is. I too have lost someone very close. So I can understand the feeling.

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