From Me to We… A transformation

Each one, I know, around, has competencies, which helped them develop a successful professional career. They know it well to fix the problems of their clients, meet their requirements and deliver an optimum quality on time. But the only joining dots that were missing were a collaborative effort. How many times did we pause to help others solve their problems or seek mentorship, collaborate and work? New skills and perspectives offered by other professionals, who have found solution to one such problem before, can definitely add a lot of value to our work.

We perhaps used to seek guidance from one another before, either through mail, over chat or sometimes when we happened to meet. But, that only limited us to specific people we were connected with. My this blog post is about the massive transformation I have witnessed in our IT community through several events and conferences organized by NASSCOM and the two very dynamic groups in Facebook created by Aninda: Kolkata IT Startups & Kolkata IT Professionals – Developers, Designers and QA.

Young and energetic, Aninda through his enthusiasm put us to think otherwise. Every time I heard him talk at an IT event he would harp upon – collaborative work. The two Facebook groups with around 700 members have grown in terms of vigorous participation from the community. It is certainly a place to seek advice and instant feedback from experienced people.

I remember few months back when Priyankar Mukherjee posted a question in the Kolkata IT Startups group, received overwhelming suggestions from the community members. This, I believe, is a big leap towards crowd sourcing. Important issues such as Importance of Documentation in programming, how IT professionals can upgrade themselves and How much time does it take for a fresher to learn Ruby on Rails were raised that resulted into intriguing discussions.

This change has helped us in ways more than I can define. A more compatible relationship among the IT professionals has developed. We are now more connected.


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