For him it wasn’t just managing 1…it was managing an entire nation… what drove him was playing for India as he always said, what drove us was the madness to watch him in action on the crease…

You have allowed all to write plenty of wonderful scripts for all these years… some of which can be called masterpieces… u gave us the reason to hope, to unite as one, to celebrate, to cry in joy, to dance to the tune of your strokes, to love cricket..

You turned every stones to milestones…. And with every milestone you have put an end to all debates over who is worlds best… those who thought that you have played all these years to score personal records were only left giving standing ovation after each of your performances… The streets would lay deserted, all work stopped when you would be on crease…

He is a national treasure… he is everything to India…

This was the 24 years of fairytale that we all lived!!! #ThankYouSachin for the Sachin Era!!!


“Ek hai samandar, ek chand, ek sooraj, ek hai Himalaya, ek hai gagan, ek hai Bharat, ek Bharat ka Sachin”.


One thought on “#ThankYouSachin

  1. you remember how we used to fight.. it has to be sachin for you always and for me dada.. but it was cricket for both of us.. on this day, sachin is not retiring, may be cricket is himself giving a break..

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