Bapai, Your Birthday is Special

We have not got a cake or candles for you today. We have not brought any presents for you to open. We are not posting a funny video for you to laugh your heart out. We are not demanding a treat over a drink from you. No balloons, no music, no birthday bumps.

There is just love that we can offer you my friend. We can only hope today, that you can see us from somewhere and know that we remember you. And then if you wonder, why we still care, we can only tell you that there is a part of you that still exists among us… that you live in our heart… that you will always be remembered.

We have not lost you, we have only lost the fun times, the emotional bonding, the trust, confidence and love you shared with each one us.

Where ever you are, stay safe, keep sharing the sheer amount of joys you ever shared with us. You, as a friend, was a gift to each one of us who ever knew you.

The Taki connection that we shared will only grow stronger by each passing year. No matter how emotional this may sound, Jhapai (as I lovingly called you), I didn’t forget you, I still miss you, I miss your jokes, I miss all those long chats discussing life, travel, career… you will remain as a special memory of a very special friend.

Your life was short, yet memories of you will remain eternal… wishing you a very happy birthday Bapai….


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