Tea, Music, Adda and More… Launch of Inspirations, a Pankaj Mullick Music & Art Foundation Initiative

We Bongs have the habit of living in nostalgia. If two Bongs are sitting together, and you lend your ears to listen, in every probability you would find them discussing the past at one point. This is why, we, the Bangalees keep our Tagore, Retro Music, and the Black & White Cinema so close to our heart. We talk of our past, for it makes it happy. It takes us to the golden period of unmatched creativity and pure knowledge.

One of the very integral parts of any Bengali is their Adda Culture, which has liberated from parar rok to posh cafes and restaurants. But, what has remained unchanged, if the very essence of Adda – intellectual and creative discussions. To relive a slice of our past and have an unadulterated Adda session, we gathered at the Mystic Yoga Cafe on Purnadas Road on Saturday evening. Although, many think that Adda for a Bengali is nothing more than agendaless discussions, but, we surely met with a strong agenda in mind – to launch Inspirations – a Pankaj Mullick Music & Art Foundation initiative.


Rajib Gupta and Jhinuk Gupta at the launch of Inspirations

For little over two hours, we were drowned in nostalgia as Rajib Gupta and Jhinuk Gupta (grandson and granddaughter in law of Pankaj Mullick) took us down the memory lane through stories and music of the Maestro. As Rajib da shared precious memories of Pankaj Mullick, detailing with how he first put a tune to Tagore’s poem to how he refused Raj Kapoor to leave Bengal for Bombay and work and  how he conceptualized and set music to the immortal ‘Mahishasuramardini’, a programme that has become synonymous with Bengali culture and Durga Puja, Jhinuk di crooned the very melodious tunes of the distinguished and versatile musician who introduced playback singing to Indian cinema.


Aninda talking about Anant Education Initiative and Jagriti Dham

The show was hosted by MJ Arvind. He always serves something new on the plate. While Arvind urged us to take an oath to protect the environment, Aninda reminded us of our duty toward our younger and older generations. The event was supported by Infinity Group, Anant Education Initiative, Jagriti Dham and Aspex Care Wing, 

As the name suggests the browny points were added by the lovely venue – Mystic Yoga Cafe. Fine tea, walnut cakes, retro music, amid a very peaceful environment – what more can one ask for. An evening well spent.


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