Mahabharata and importance of number 18

The one thing that fascinates me the most is Mahabharata. I am still in search of the question if everything mentioned in the great epic happened in reality. But, for now, until I have an answer, I would settle down believing that the occurrences mentioned in the book stand true.
Mahabharata is a daily part of my life. Perhaps I have never been so obsessed with anything in life as much I am with Mahabharata. It is an encyclopedia of ethics, knowledge, politics, religion, philosophy, science and Dharma. It is a way of life showing us the right and wrong, ethical and unprincipled, righteous and dishonorable.
Mahabharata has several interesting short tales and facts. But one of the most interesting things about Mahabharata is the predominant presence of the number 18.
Here is how 18 is so significant in the epic:
  1. There are 18 chapters in Bhagawat Geeta
  2. Lord Krishna defines his concept of the ideal Man in 18 stanzas towards the end of the 2nd chapter and there are again 18 traits which go to constitute the ideal man
  3. Mahabharata war lasted for 18 Days 
  4. There are 18 Parvas in Mahabharata
  5. There are 18 Maha Puranas
  6. Total 18 warriors survived after Mahabharata war
  7. Total 18 Akshauhini armies fought the war
  8. Each Akshauhini army consisted of 21870 chariot force, 21870 elephant force, 65610 horse force and 109350 soldiers where each number sums up to 18
  9. 36 years Pandavas rules Hastinapur which is double of 18
  10. Bhisma survived the war for 9 days which is half of 18
  11. Lord Krishna killed Kansa at the age of 18
  12. Jarasandha attacked Mathura and the Yadavas 18 times
  13. Jarasandha attacked them for 18 years
  14. Sishupala was killed when he was 54 (54 divided by 3 equals 18)
  15. The original name given to the epic by Vyasa was Jaya and not Mahabharata. Jaya means victory and the numerical value of the Sanskrit word Jaya is 18
  16. Ved Vyasa is also composed 18 other Puranas besides this great Epic
  17. Mahabharata has 1.8 million or 18 lakh words
  18. Mahabharata was written by Lord Ganesha who is associated with the number 9. This is symbolized by the shape of his trunk which looks like number 9 which is half of 18

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