You’re my Hero

Thank you for being a huge support. Thank you for being my strength. Thank you for being an inspiration forever. Thank you for showing the right path always. Thank you for being a mentor. Thank you for being a guide. Thank you for being a person I can look up to. Thank you for putting […]

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We are smothered completely by inevitable fates in life… death of a close one, dumped in love, failing to make a friend understand that you never lied… many would argue with a “nothing is permanent”, or try to fake comfort with, “this too shall pass” thing… but perishing just isn’t, for few it lingers on […]

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an afternoon that never was

It was supposed to be a warm winter afternoon…ma and me will take the afternoon metro to New Market, where she will shop for some winter garments and few household necessities(whatever that is)… captured by the excitement of the endeavor I revolved around my entire weekend looking forward to the trip…planning for what to wear, […]

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Unquiet Mind…

There’s something always very warm and special about a quiet night and memories. If you close your eyes and let yourself fly in the air for a moment – stop worrying, forget all queries that have clouded your mind for long and shed away the emptiness that tie you down every time you try to […]

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Ads: Liberators or Manipulators

Is advertising truly a seduction through manipulation? Gentle persuasion by caressing both the heart and the head? Or is it just a fashionable invite of the promised goods and services to the target audience? A method to spruce up the process of invitation, rather than the qualities of the goods and services themselves? As per […]

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close to my heart…

mad is the one word that best describes Priyanka… and she makes the world maddening…she is the other name of joy and fun…a very adorable person that she is, she has the caring soul of a woman…in contrast to which she is a biker, a badminton player and yess a kick boxer (as i have […]

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I feel a sudden disconnect from you… why does it change so soon without even giving a prior notification? I think I am getting all insane… I think I will cry tonight… cry to death if that helps mee rise up and live again… the storm inside my heart keeps brewing to take the shape […]

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happy birthday to mee, Dad

It is my 30th birthday. Everyone seems to have come to terms with the fact that dad is no more. Except mee and maa. We seem not to let lose the memories of him. He left us quite abruptly. I know many would disagree. In fact I have heard many saying words of sympathies and […]

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F5Impulse2011: An Initiative

“I am a fresher. Did my engineering from a reputed college. Couldn’t manage to get a job in a branded company. So finally thought of going for an MBA. My parents had spent their fortune on my education. Currently I don’t know what I should do? I had never known it all my life. Did […]

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