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I am Sumana, Sumana Chakraborty from Kolkata. more often called by the bengali pet names – manu, mantai, munna, sumu, munia, putul and so on… you can simply tag me as a “bheto bangalee”…i cant imagine my meals without a small portion of steamed basmati rice.

this part of the country is actually beautiful… Apart from the urbanized metropolitan area you would also find the paddy fields, rasogolla, sandesh and mishti doi.. a dark race of people dominates the society and bengalis find glory in saying that they live for poetry, cinema, rhythm, romance, rain, cha and all things that are beautiful, intellectual and sensual.

i like most bangalees take no shame in saying that i am a loner at heart…i am compulsively driven towards mountains… the mere thought of the snow covered peaks of Kanchenjunga brings a smile on my face… the compelling force of wanting to hang the rucksack on my back and set off for the rocky, snowy, green trail all by myself is a dream yet to come true… i am well aware of the impossiblenesses and obstructions that may appear on my way… but i wud make my dream come true someday… i would dream on until then…

books are my best friends… you can call me a habitual bookworm…that is yet another bengali self of mine…i say i am passionate about reading and writing… when i have nothing to do i read…when i have peer pressure at work, i take time out to read… i read when am traveling, i read before i sleep off… i read when am happy, or sad… i just love reading… 




5 thoughts on “Know Me

    • Rohitesh, it gave me an idea of how much you love the City of Joy… how much you miss her… else you wouldn’t have really considered this to be “Probably the best written post” 🙂

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